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This whole midnight shift thing is WIERD......

Yes, yes, we've been through this before.. But that was years ago. And i didnt have to live in the same house then, and be quiet and not make noise so he could sleep on a saturday afternoon. Sure, it's the middle of the night for him, but the dogs don't know that, and i have vacuuming to do!

Sleeptalking, episode 1

Most people have normal new year's resolutions... Lose weight, read more books, start a new hobby, etc.

In 2010, i resolve to start writing down the things Chris says in his sleep.

He's a sleep talker. Sometimes i'm lucky enough to be awake to hear it. Sometimes we have entire conversations that he doesnt remember in the morning. Sometimes he just mumbles nonsense with the occasional real word thrown in. Every once in a while i manage to remember it the next morning, and when i tell him about it, he always thinks i'm making it up.

The best thing ever would be to catch it on tape. Until then, i'm totally keeping track.

Last night's gem:

I came to bed about two hours after he did (he gets up at like 430 in the morning). The dogs were on my side of the bed. I quietly told them to move over. Then the talking happened. It went like this:

Me: (whispering) Ro, move over.
Chris: What are you whispering?
Me: I'm talking to the dogs, they're in my spot.
Chris: Oh, i just had a horrible dream.
Me: What was it about? (i don't yet realize he's not really awake)
Chris: There were these dead homeless people and they were going.... going..
Me: Going what?
Chris: Going... (he's blinking a lot, trying to remember), i dont know... going... i don't know.
Me: You don't know?
Chris: Yeah. They were peeling their skin off. And.....on their arms.

Then he rolled over and went back to sleep.

I have no idea what he watched on tv that would have caused that lovely episode. I think it's funny. He thinks i'm just making it up. I couldnt have invented a conversation that wonderful if i'd tried.

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If the police saw my kitchen right now, i'd be in big trouble.  There's blood on the counter, blood in the sink, bloody knives......

Add to that the random piles of meat which are clearly neither beef nor chicken.....  

I promise chris really is in michigan.  That isn't part of him lying on the cutting board.  Really.....

Actually, its Jerky time.  I've got some wild game i the freezer that won't be used up before i get more wild game in the freezer.  So, i hauled out the trusty old dehydrator, and sliced up the meat, and i'm making jerky.  Some of it will go to the dogs, as treats (they're big fans of venison jerky), some will get eaten by me. 

My plan is to get it all done and packed up again before chris and Ro get home, but it's going to take a while to get it all dehydrated, and then my kitchen is due for a good dose of bleach.  It's a good thing i'm not squeamish, because there's bloody meat everywhere!   It's a cross contaminator's paradise!

Now that i know he's okay, this is hilarious.....

My younger dog, Ronan, occasionally has bouts of seperation anxiety.  When that happens, he pulls an escape artist act, and gets out of his crate (he knows how to open the doors, or if they're tied shut, collapse one whole side of the crate to get out).   

Today, Ronan was at daycare, and despite being in a room with all his bestest best buddies, he busted out of his crate, climbed a shelf, and pulled down a bottle of chemicals from the top shelf.  He chewed up the bottle, and may or may not have consumed any of the chemical. 
One of the girls at daycare caught it right away, and they did exactly what they were supposed to.  They called my vet right away, the vet called poison control, and gave them instructions.  They followed those instructions to the letter, and called me. 

After talking to the daycare, and hearing what the prescribed remedy was, i called the vet to clarify.  Yes, the daycare had it right.  If your dog consumes any liquid containing methanol, the antidote is alcohol. 

Turns out, we need to give him a shot of liquor every hour for 3 hours, then one shot every 2 hours for 3 more hours.  Apparently it doesnt matter what alcohol we use, vodka, rum, scotch, whatever.  Just so long as it's straight alcohol, and i should dilute it with a bit of juice or water, and make him drink it.  The daycare borrowed from a neighbor, who only had Gin, to get the "treatment" started. 

What i find hilarious is that apparently Ronan HATES gin, moderately dislikes vodka, won't touch scotch with a ten foot pole, and prefers rum.  Our other dog Jasmine (a big beer fan, famous for knocking cans or bottles from people's hands and drinking it) had no problems with any of the alcohols.  She loves them all, and was THRILLED to drink anything that Ronan might have spit out onto the floor.  Every time i finished giving Ronan his shot of booze, Jasmine would check the whole kitchen floor looking for even one drop of spilled alcohol.  Then, when she found none, she'd come up to me and start begging, like she wanted a drink too. 

It turns out that Ronan is okay, he never showed any of the signs that the vet told us to watch for, or did anything out of the ordinary, he was his usual self, just a little drunk.  Since he's okay...  the whole night is a heck of a lot funnier.  We're all a bit tipsy, and off to bed now. 

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I'm officially sick of my own user icon. 

But i dont know what i should pick next. 

Any suggestions?  Maybe i should let my friends list pick my next icon.

My poor poor neighbors.....

I should feel bad for my neighbors...  i really should.....

But i dont. 

The channel has overflowed it's banks already, and there's still more rain in the forecast.

I would laugh evilly, except that i suspect some folks are still not recovered from the last flood, and will probably bankrupt themselves with the repairs from yet another season of floods. 

I'm perfectly happy with my view of the channel.  I don't need to park a boat in my backyard, especially since i don't ever want to be able to park a boat in my front yard either.

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O   M   G

It's finally here!!!!!

preview night for the international Quilt show in chicago.

I love the quilt show. 

It's like heaven would be, if God had a sewing machine.

Plus, it's preview night.  The first night of the show, just a few hours, and no busloads of old lady quilt groups.    They come by the busload on saturday.  But on preview night, the locals who drive themselves in ones and twos get to invade....  and that's where all the good shopping happens.  I have this little rule.  I can't buy anything new at the quilt show until i use up what i bought at last year's quilt show.  And boy, did i cut it close this time.  The tops are finished for the two flannel quilts for up north that i made from last year's purchases.  I'm convinced that if i intend to send them off to be longarm quilted, then technically, except for the binding, i AM finished with them, which means i get to go shopping again.